Kiwisaver vs Shares vs Housing – Who’s the winner?

We know they have all taken a hit recently, so we’re taking a long-term view; we’re looking over twenty years!

The Reserve Bank of NZ’s latest report on housing shows the average return over twenty years is 10.9% – higher than Kiwisaver, Shares and other popular investments. So, we’re calling housing the winner!

“The current level of investment in housing can be explained given its relatively robust financial returns over the past two decades.” – RBNZ

57% of Kiwi’s assets are in housing, of which around 2/3 is owner-occupied, and 1/3 is investor owned.

Kiwisaver vs Shares vs Housing

‘Whether we’re too invested in housing, time will tell. However, it pays to have a diversified portfolio of investments in any economic situation.

We want to help Kiwis to diversify their portfolio. Have some shares, continue to invest in Kiwisaver, and dabble with crypto! With the ability to invest in a property for as little as $100, we’d love you to consider adding property into the mix too!

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