Liquid Property

Liquid property – What is it?

Illiquidity refers to assets that cannot quickly be sold or exchanged for cash.

Real estate is an illiquid asset. Several factors contribute to the illiquidity of real estate property, including the need to involve banks, lawyers and real estate agents.

How do you turn the property from illiquid to liquid?  That’s where Realties comes in.

As an investor, you are able to buy shares in property for as little as $100, with no middlemen involved 

Should you want to sell quickly, you can via the licenced stock exchange Catalist, our secondary market. 

We see a future where people won’t own a single house but share ownership of multiple homes. A diversified portfolio will help reduce the risks of owning a single property. Should they need cash, they won’t need to restructure their mortgage – they will simply sell their shares on a secondary market.

We see a future with diversified investments from Kiwisaver to shares to property and maybe some cryptocurrency 😉

We see a future where the property is liquid – it’s bought and sold as quickly as shares – it’s traded as easily as cash.

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