Fractionalisation of Kiwi property

Real estate has long been considered a lucrative investment, but the high entry barrier and financial constraints often deter average investors from entering the market. However, a revolutionary concept known as fractionalisation is changing the game, breaking down the traditional barriers and opening up real estate investment opportunities for beginners.

What is Fractionalisation?

Fractionalisation involves splitting a property into small parcels of shares through a limited liability company. This innovative approach eliminates the “minimum investment barrier,” making it possible for the average investor to participate in segments of the real estate market that were previously inaccessible.

Breaking Down Barriers:

The primary obstacle for many aspiring real estate investors has always been the high price of property. Fractionalisation addresses this issue by reducing the price of an asset, effectively increasing the pool of potential buyers. This transformation turns an illiquid asset, like property, into a liquid investment comparable to cash.

A Solution to High Property Prices:

The high property prices, which have historically been the single biggest obstacle for the average investor, no longer pose an insurmountable challenge. By allowing investors to buy shares in a property rather than the entire asset, fractionalisation makes property ownership more affordable and accessible.

Liquidity and Accessibility:

Traditionally, real estate transactions involve large sums of money and lengthy processes. Fractionalisation, on the other hand, simplifies the investment process, making it as easy as buying shares in a company. This newfound liquidity and accessibility empower investors to enter the real estate market without the need for substantial financing.

Overcoming Rental Income Challenges:

In addition to high property prices, the rental income may not always cover loan repayments, making traditional real estate investments financially challenging. Fractionalisation provides a solution by allowing investors to share both the costs and returns, mitigating the financial burden on individual investors.

RealitiesNZ: Bringing Financial Freedom to Everyday Kiwis:

RealitiesNZ, a trailblazer in the world of real estate fractionalisation, is breaking ground by bringing financial freedom to everyday Kiwis. By making sound real estate investments accessible without the need for additional financing, RealitiesNZ is empowering a new generation of investors.


Real estate fractionalisation has the potential to positively influence the market by democratizing access to investment opportunities. The ability for ordinary people to invest in real estate without the traditional financial constraints opens up a world of possibilities. As we embrace this innovative approach, the barriers that once prevented the average investor from entering the real estate market are breaking down, paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse community of real estate investors. Join RealitiesNZ in this transformative journey and unlock the doors to financial freedom!


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