Single vs Multi Unit Homes

Investing in Single-Vs Multi-Unit Homes

Single-family homes

A single-family house shares no common wall or property line with any other home; it has separate entrances and utilities (water, sewer, electricity).

The downside of single-family homes is ensuring occupancy. Rentals only earn income if occupied. Furthermore, you can be affected by late rent payments.

Multi-unit homes

A multi-unit residential property consists of one building containing multiple dwellings. These properties are popular among young professionals who enjoy living close to work.

As an investor, one of the main attractions is multiple income streams from various tenants; you’re not reliant on a single tenant. If a single-family home remained empty for an extended period, that could put financial pressure on the owner(s).

For security, Realties only invests in multi-unit properties. Our first property, Clare Place, has enjoyed a 95 -98% percent occupancy rate over the past five years!

While single-family houses may appear attractive, particularly in affluent suburbs, but are unlikely to produce the same income as multiple-family dwellings.

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