Invest in tenanted Kiwi properties for just $100!

Get the benefits of real estate without the massive investment. Invest in tenanted properties in five minutes for just $100!

Why RealtiesNZ?

For the first time, retail investors can buy into the New Zealand real estate market through fully-compliant, fractionalized ownership.


Expand your portfolio beyond shares. Invest in tenanted properties and receive monthly rental payments, plus you could benefit from capital gains.

$100 Minimum Investment

Get on the property market with a fraction of the cost

Higher Returns

With high occupancy of the properties. High returns can be achieved. View the financials for the past 5 years of Clare Place. A property we built 14 years ago

How it Works

Getting started with RealtiesNZ only takes 4 simple steps

Browse Properties

Search our website for properties from around New Zealand.

Create Account

Open an account. 

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Buy Shares

Buy shares for your chosen property and become a  property owner and investor.

Earn Income

Each month receive your share portfolio dividends directly into your bank account, plus watch your portfolio performance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower everyday Kiwis by offering them the opportunity to invest in property, providing avenues for earning income and potential capital gains. Through our platform, investors can buy and sell shares on a stock exchange with a secondary market, eliminating the need to wait for the entire property to be sold. This not only offers financial flexibility but also ensures tenants’ security, knowing the property won’t be abruptly sold, disrupting their family homes. All achieved with accessibility in mind, with shares available for as little as $100.

How Realties Works

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