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Welcome to Realties, the online platform that revolutionizes property investment by granting anyone with just $50 the opportunity to own a share in Kiwi real estate. In a matter of minutes, you can become a legal owner of a portion of an income-producing property, saving you from the time-consuming pressures and stresses associated with traditional property acquisition.

At Realties, we understand the challenges faced by investors in the real estate market. That’s why we meticulously find and prepare each property under our own Limited Liability Company (LLC), presenting them to investors who can reap the benefits without the hassle. We specialize in identifying income-producing properties that meet specific criteria, ensuring that our investors receive returns from day one and have a stake in any potential capital gains.

Unlike traditional investment methods, where your choices are limited to a single property, Realties offers you the freedom to select which property you want to invest in. With each property owned separately in an LLC and running independently, you have the flexibility to diversify your portfolio by spreading your capital across various investment properties. The ability to invest just $50 per share empowers you to participate in the real estate market on your terms.

Our platform goes beyond merely facilitating investments; we foster an active community where individual shares can be bought and sold on our members’ community board. This feature eliminates one of the major challenges of investing in property, providing you with liquidity and flexibility in managing your investments.

Until now, the property market has favored those with large cash deposits and access to credit, leaving the majority of the population unable to enjoy the benefits of property ownership. Realties aims to democratize the real estate investment landscape, breaking down barriers and allowing everyone to access the opportunities that were once exclusive to a select few. We believe that financial empowerment should be within reach for all.

Looking forward, Realties is committed to seeking out lucrative opportunities in multi-family properties with attractive returns. These properties often fall between the scale of individual investors and commercial fund managers, making them ideal for our platform. By continuously identifying such properties, we ensure that our investors have access to a diverse range of investment options that align with their financial goals.

Join Realties today and unlock a new era of property investment. Whether you are a seasoned investor or someone looking to dip their toes into the real estate market, our platform offers you a seamless, accessible, and empowering experience. Start your journey with us and become a part of a community that believes in making property ownership a reality for all.

Why Realties was born

Welcome to Realties – Empowering You to Invest in Property!

After more than four decades in the Real Estate industry, I have witnessed the ups and downs of the market firsthand. I learned the hard way that the optimal time to sell is when everyone is talking about buying property and banks are handing out money as if there’s no tomorrow. Conversely, the ideal time to buy is when doom and gloom permeate the conversations, lending criteria tighten, interest rates rise, and lending rules become stricter.

Now, unless you’ve inherited money, won the lottery, or exited crypto before it crashed, it may seem like you’re out of luck. However, there is a way forward, and that’s where Realties comes in. We provide an opportunity for the average person, whether you’re a newlywed, an elderly individual, a renter trapped in the cycle, or anyone else looking to invest in property.

With Realties, you can pool your money together with others, starting from as little as $50. For the cost of a couple of lottery tickets, a few cups of coffee, or a couple of blocks of cheese, you can own a share in an investment property without relying on bank loans or being subjected to ever-changing government regulations. The best part? You are in control.

Some of the most successful companies have utilized a similar approach. Farmers in Fonterra pooled their resources to maximize profits, and Foodstuffs created a supermarket collective that wielded significant purchasing power. Realties was born to offer the same opportunity to the “little guy,” enabling them to step onto the property ladder at their own pace.

We understand the challenges faced by many, such as elderly individuals who are hesitant to sell their family homes because the proceeds may only cover downsized accommodations. Similarly, young Kiwis who have returned from overseas find themselves locked out of the property market due to changing rules and the lack of a credit history. Realties provides a solution by allowing individuals to pool their resources, invest in multi-tenanted properties, alleviate the housing shortage, and earn income from rentals. It’s a chance for Kiwis to build secure and tangible investments while getting ahead.

Each property in our portfolio is individually owned by investors who contribute as little as $50. Professional management ensures the properties are rented and well-maintained, with the owning company handling rents and expenses. Furthermore, we offer a shareholders’ online community board for those interested in selling their shares.

Unlike traditional share investments, Realties allows you to buy shares in properties of your choice, diversify your portfolio across multiple properties, and potentially benefit from capital gains. Our model has already found success in the United States, where I personally began investing two years ago with just $75. Today, I receive regular Rent Reports and payments to my bank account, steadily building my portfolio.

What’s remarkable about this opportunity is that it doesn’t require a substantial upfront investment or mortgage against your primary residence. It’s a debt-free investment in bricks and mortar, granting you ownership of a fraction of a property. You can even visit your properties in the USA if you wish.

So why can’t this model be successful in New Zealand, a country known for its property obsession? The timing couldn’t be better. Historically, property values have doubled every 7-10 years, and if you bought within the past two years, it may take another 7-10 years to reach the same prices. That’s why I firmly believe the best time to buy is now.

Realties was created to defy the odds, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of wealth, plan for the future, and build a robust portfolio of bricks and mortar. It’s a pathway to security for you and your family in later life when it matters most. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.


John H. Caldwell Founder of Realties


Our Mission

At RealtiesNZ, our mission is to empower individuals with affordable investment opportunities in property, irrespective of their financial circumstances. We firmly believe that property ownership should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their current financial situation.

We aim to address the challenges faced by expats returning home, who may possess a substantial deposit for a home but struggle to secure a loan due to a lack of credit rating. Our goal is to provide a viable solution by offering investment opportunities in property, enabling them to participate in the real estate market and achieve their homeownership dreams.

Additionally, we strive to assist the elderly who seek to downsize and access affordable shared accommodation while generating income. Our platform serves as a bridge, connecting individuals looking to invest in shared properties and those seeking suitable housing options, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

We prioritize the security, safety, and confidence of our investors throughout their journey as property investors. By offering comprehensive support, guidance, and transparent processes, we aim to instill a sense of trust and assurance in our community members. We understand the significance of providing a reliable and trustworthy platform for investment, and we are committed to ensuring our investors feel valued and well-informed at every step.

Through these endeavors, we aspire to create a vibrant community of like-minded investors, working together for the collective benefit of all parties involved. By fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mutual growth, we strive to build a strong community that thrives on collective success and shared prosperity.

Join us at RealtiesNZ as we embark on this mission to democratize property investment, empower individuals, and foster a supportive community that transcends financial barriers. Together, we can make property ownership a reality for all.

Our Vision

At RealtiesNZ, our ultimate goal is to create a platform that enables our investors to achieve fair returns on their investments, while simultaneously empowering everyday individuals to fulfill their dreams of home ownership. We strive to go beyond traditional real estate practices by fostering a sense of community and providing opportunities for individuals to become vested stakeholders in society’s wealth creation. By connecting investors with prospective homeowners, we aim to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships that drive positive change and contribute to a more inclusive and prosperous society.

Our Team

John Caldwell

John Caldwell

Founder, CEO

Introducing RealtiesNZ: Your Pathway to Property Ownership and Investment!

Imagine a world where property ownership is within reach for everyone, regardless of their income level. That’s the vision that drove John, a seasoned property developer with 30 years of experience, to embark on a groundbreaking journey. After achieving financial success in the industry, John saw a golden opportunity and delved into the world of fractional property investment. He invested in a thriving US property platform, where he now enjoys weekly rent from his investments. And he couldn’t help but wonder, why couldn’t this work in beautiful New Zealand?

John’s last project before retiring was truly innovative—a bespoke multi-tenanted dwelling comprising one-bedroom units. He had a unique insight: the demand for such properties was set to soar. His encounters with countless young individuals struggling to step into their first home, lacking the necessary deposit without taking excessive risks, deeply resonated with him. Moreover, he understood the challenges faced by the elderly trying to downsize, only to find that the two-bedroom units they desired were just as costly as their family homes. These pressing issues, coupled with other market factors, have propelled the real estate industry to unprecedented heights.

Recognizing the perfect timing for a comeback, John seized the opportunity to address the gaps he saw in the market. To his surprise, he discovered that several New Zealand companies had attempted to venture into fractional property investment, but without success.

Their approach was flawed. They selected either high-risk, single-occupant homes that often experienced rent losses or high-end properties that didn’t provide the same lucrative returns as entry-level investments. They sought funds from investors and then scrambled to secure a property, putting their investors’ faith on hold. And worst of all, they chased quick returns by flipping properties for a profit.

But John had an edge that set him apart—a wealth of experience in property development and managing multi-tenanted properties. Confident in his ability to make property ownership a reality for thousands of Kiwis and investors seeking diversification, John brought his brainchild to life: Realties.

Over the next few months, John tirelessly collaborated with a team of industry experts to shape Realties into a revolutionary platform. The result is a game-changing opportunity that allows everyday Kiwis, including tenants who rent the properties, to become property owners and investors. With as little as $50, you can embark on your journey toward real estate ownership, thanks to Realties’ accessible investment options.

Say goodbye to the barriers that have held you back and embrace the chance to be part of an inclusive community that empowers individuals to secure their financial future. RealtiesNZ is here to revolutionize property investment, putting the power of ownership within everyone’s reach. Join us and let’s unlock the door to your dreams together!

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